Trade Secrets


Perfect your walls before painting

Add a little colourant to your wall filler before filling cracks in your walls. This makes it more obvious when you are sanding them down and saves you having to go back over the walls once you have started painting.


Make it easier to drive a screw (especially in to hard wood)

Use paraffin wax or candle wax (or something of a similar texture, soap for example) on the thread of wood screws to make it easier to drive the screw with less effort. This works especially well when working with hard wood.


Remove a broken light bulb safely

If a light bulb has broken off inside its fitting, ensure you have isolated the power and use a potato or something similar to push on to the broken glass. You can use this to grip and unscrew the bulb from its fitting without harming yourself.


Remove Tuck Tape easily when stuck fast!

Tuck Tape is good at its' job, sometimes too good. When you have tape you are unable to remove, apply a little WD40 and see it come off quickly and easily.


Getting a smooth finish on your Silicone

To get the smooth finish to your silicone, use a spray bottle filled with water and a small amount of dish wash liquid. Spray the silicone and run your finger along the area sprayed. You will notice the silicone will no longer stick to your finger or the area you have sprayed.


Manually driving flat-head screws

With flat-headed screws, very often the head of the driver will slip off. To solve this problem, get about an inch of sticky tape, cut a small slit in the tape to feed the screw through. Place the screwdriver in postion and stick the tape around the driver, the screw will stay in place whilst you drive it in to the area required.

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